Another N-Word Post: Newton Vs. N800

The Nokia N800
And Its GUI Shortcomings From a Newton Developer’s Perspective

I’m a former spare-time Newton MessagePad user and software developer. I wrote, among other things, the Waba for the Newton Java virtual machine and the Hemlock Internet Search Tool for the Newton. And a lot of Chinese applications. I think I qualify as a power user and developer. I’m also an okay UNIX hacker, though I’m better on BSD than on Linux, much less uLinux/BusyBox.

I recently purchased a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet to replace my aging Newton MessagePad 2100. The MessagePad’s touchscreen is going bad and with the advent of Intel Macs, I can no longer do any software development for it. This is what makes the N800 particularly attractive to me: it’s a 100% Linux box with phenominal features, and enables me to throw some code around again. Woohoo! Plus eventually, with luck, I might get Einstein running on it. Einstein is a Newton emulator which runs (slowly) on N800’s predecessor (the 770). The idea is not to convert the N800 to a Newton — for me, that would be foolish — but to give grumpy Newton users an easy way to migrate to a new platform. And to open up a whole new set of applications to N800 users. Indeed, in the primary Newton forum I told others that the N800 was the first PDA I’d recommend as a Newton replacement.

This is a very long and detailed essay of the kind I would have at one time written, except that I’m through giving bastard global corporations free advice that they ignore while careening towards self-destruction.
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