Mother Of Mercy, Is This The End Of Ken Kutaragi?

How a PlayStation speculator misread the market and lost

PlayStation 3 has it all: a Cell Broadband Engine chip, a built-in Blu-ray disc player, a 60-gig hard drive and full online capabilities.

You Would Think this would be the best-seller! Look at that frikkin horsepower!


“It’s really common to see people buy it, put it on auction, and then take it back,” Mr. Canam said. “It just sits on the shelf. [Nintendo] Wii’s don’t, [sit on the shelf] because they have more to offer. They have what most gamers want.”

This surprises me, but I guess if I’d paid attention to my own reaction to each system, it wouldn’t have.

When I saw the PS3 at Digital Life Expo, I just wasn’t impressed. It seemed like the same old stuff: someone transfixed by the same old graphics, zoning out.

When I saw the Wii at its intro (which I didn’t blog about, but should have), I was really entranced by the idea of moving around that controller to play games. It just looked like simple fun. The kind of fun even a total, worthless, useless game-spaz like me could try without feeling like a total eejit.

I like Ken Kutaragi. I’m rooting for him to recover from this.

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