WTF?!!? Will The Nokia N800 Be Worth Buying After All? (Updated: No.)

Really, I was not looking for this. But a debate at JK On The Run over whether a Chinese Linux-based UMPC is running Linux or Maemo made me seek out those still interested in that abomination from Nokia.

And I came across two videos demonstrating an intriguing new UI for the N800.

YouTube links you should go see:

WindowMaker on Nokia N800
WindowMaker on Nokia N800 (2)

I just love it when users basically condescend to a vendor: “Yes, what you’ve done is all very nice and cute. But we’d really rather have it work like this.”

A round of applause from me.

Update: No, not worth buying unless this UI somehow takes care of the same shit that crippled the 770:

Adding virtual memory improves the N800’s multitasking ability and also running more memory intensive applications. When running an application, it is first loaded into RAM (Random Access Memory). N800 has 128MB RAM at it’s disposal, if you keep opening more applications eventually the 128MB RAM will all be used. The N800 will start to run at a sluggish pace, this is where the virtual memory comes in handy. Since you can’t physically add more RAM to the N800 your only choice is to add virtual memory. The virtual memory acts like a slower form of RAM, so the operating system will start prioritizing applications by which ones are being used most often to least. The most frequently used applications stay loaded in RAM, while the less used applications are loaded into virtual memory.

— quoted from here. Emphasis added by me.

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