RIAA: Suck

Cost of a CD

For every album released in a given year, a marketing strategy was developed to make that album stand out among the other releases that hit the market that year. Art must be designed for the CD box, and promotional materials (posters, store displays and music videos) developed and produced. For many artists, a costly concert tour is essential to promote their recordings.

You lying sons of bitches.

Tell me what justifies every fucking movie and TV soundtrack going for $18.00 and up!

Where are the concert tours for those?

The music videos?

The posters?

The store displays?

That nearly-universal (no pun intended!) pricing is the end-result of collusion and if we had a government that was awake, your asses would be seated in front of Congressional committees and the FTC for racketeering, price-fixing, restraint of trade, and price-gouging.

I’m old enough to have bought soundtracks when they were on vinyl. There was never such price-fixing in those days. Never. And the prices were reasonable! We didn’t feel as if we were being cheated and spit on.

Don’t Cry For The Suits.

Update: An essay that reminded me these swine were once indeed charged with price-fixing CDs!

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