That Z Word

The Marketing Genius of Steve Jobs

Apple fans are zealots. And they are zealots for a simple reason. Apple makes superior hardware to anyone else out there. And not just from a fashion and design perspective. They just make stuff that works. They are gaining important market share in computer sales (disclosure, I recently switched to a Mac myself and they featured my blog post about it in the Apple “Hot News” section.”).

I used to be one, back in my LC III System 6 days (and before that to 1984!).

Now, whenever I play with a Mac at an Apple Store, there is Something That Holds Me Back. I don’t know what it is. One thing I don’t like is — here comes the heresy! — Safari. It Just Feels Wrong. I know there are Mozilla-based/Firefox-based browsers for Mac OS X too, but these are never on Apple Store Macs, so I have not experienced them.

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