A Funny Feeling About The iPhone

Apple TV isn’t something I’m much interested in. I don’t have a ginormous widescreen TV (SD or HD).

But I can’t shake this feeling that Apple TV is somehow going to be connected to the iPhone.

I know, according to The Experts, Cingular/AT&T’s data network is The Suck, yet I keep thinking that somehow people will be able to use that iPhone camera to display — at the very least (until True 3G or even 4G is available on that network) — images on home TVs via the Apple TV.


Wife at home, clueless husband doing the grocery shopping.

Husband (via iPhone): Didn’t you say you wanted Plotz? Or was it Splatz?

Wife: Which do they have?

Husband: Both. But the Splatz doesn’t look like the stuff you buy.

Wife: Show it to me.

Husband takes picture using iPhone.

At home, it shows up on their Apple TV-connected TV.

Yeah, basic baby-step stuff. But is even something this simple so farfetched?

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