Palm Continues To Create Future iPhone Buyers

February 9, 2007

What I love and hate about Palm

Why does this have to be so hard? Why do we have to be forced to tether these devices to some desktop device somewhere, so that we can install new software, synchronize data between our handheld and the desktop, then try to synchronize the desktop to some server out on the Internet, and hope all that stays properly in sync without losing any data and without unnecessarily duplicating any data?

The epiphany:

I’m really starting to see the appeal of the Apple iPhone. Yes, it does much less than my Treo. Or my T|X. But Apple controls the full user experience on all sides (in some cases, via tightly controlled third parties), and they can give a much tighter and cleaner package. Does less, but does much better at the things it does actually do. And it will do more over time.

It will do more than a Treo will ever be able to do under creaky FrankenGarnet. And don’t hold your breath waiting for a Treo with a 320×480 screen.


LifeDrive Notes: DocsToGo 7 Hates The Bluetooth Keyboard Driver

February 9, 2007

Treo gone Mad

[…] Since I did a backup this morning, I simply restored my Treo to this mornings settings. I started a new document and began all over again. This time I began to save my document every few minutes as a Word file on the SD card. Within a few minutes, the reset loop started again. It seems, and I have had this problem in the past that Docs-to-Go 7 and the Universal Bluetooth Keyboard drivers do not like each other. Eventually they both corrupt and leave my Treo useless. I finished taking notes in Datebk6 as a daily journal and didn’t have any more resets after that. […]

A Pocket Keyboard Fit For The iPhone?

February 9, 2007

Small Compact Bluetooth Keyboard

Ultra Slim Keypad Bluetooth connection – SPP profile.

This light ultra slim metallic keypad is lightweight and slips easily into the pocket. I can be gotten by itself or in a combination with a leather case. The Freedom Slim has two magnetic pads that hold it in place in the case. As a standalone unit, It can be easily held in the hand or on a flat surface held steady by its four rubber feet.

Direct link to picture here. (Beware of the ridiculous sizing of the hand in the photo!)
–linkswipe via Palm Addicts -> Gizmodo

A Funny Feeling About The iPhone

February 9, 2007

Apple TV isn’t something I’m much interested in. I don’t have a ginormous widescreen TV (SD or HD).

But I can’t shake this feeling that Apple TV is somehow going to be connected to the iPhone.

I know, according to The Experts, Cingular/AT&T’s data network is The Suck, yet I keep thinking that somehow people will be able to use that iPhone camera to display — at the very least (until True 3G or even 4G is available on that network) — images on home TVs via the Apple TV.


Wife at home, clueless husband doing the grocery shopping.

Husband (via iPhone): Didn’t you say you wanted Plotz? Or was it Splatz?

Wife: Which do they have?

Husband: Both. But the Splatz doesn’t look like the stuff you buy.

Wife: Show it to me.

Husband takes picture using iPhone.

At home, it shows up on their Apple TV-connected TV.

Yeah, basic baby-step stuff. But is even something this simple so farfetched?

Hey, You Brain-Dead Suits! Here’s A Clue! Want To Also Buy A Vowel?

February 9, 2007

Only a blog by John Rogers — see post below this one — could lead to a post like this!

DynaGirl’s “Electra-” sayings… [embedded YouTube video link]

Hey, Suits! This is the internet. This is the real world. The one you don’t understand.

Creators create. We worship. And share.

You think you could buy this shit?

It’s not about Gelt. It’s about Love.

Bravo, Rogers! Bravo!

February 9, 2007

I Stand With Amanda is one hell of an essay from John Rogers (he who scripted the buried then arisen from the dead via P2P Global Frequency pilot) at Kung Fu Monkey.

Don’t worry if you aren’t interested in politics. Go read it just for the goddammed fantastic writing.

Paging Steve Jobs: It’s February 9th, Beatles Day!

February 9, 2007


So, are any announcements coming from either of the Apple companies?

How about anyone in the music industry?

When the Beatles hit America

Turn left at Greenland. Carnegie Hall. He’s very clean, isn’t he? You’ve got to hide your love away. “Rubber Soul.” Bigger than Jesus. LSD. Let me take you down. “Sgt. Pepper.” All you need is love. The maharishi. Yoko and Linda. The rooftop concert. You never give me your money. Paul is dead. April 1970. “Let It Be.”

It was all in the future then. At the time, on February 7, 1964, the Beatles were four young men heading across the Atlantic on Pan Am Flight 101. They were accompanied by their manager, Brian Epstein, and friends Mal Evans and Neil Aspinall; producer Phil Spector and his group the Ronettes; and a handful of journalists.

The Beatles were heading for New York for an appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” followed by a handful of concert dates. Then they’d go back home.

Oh Look Out! The Beatles and The Ed Sullivan Show Part 19 Oh, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

When The Beatles made their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show that February 1964, it was and remains the most important event in the history of rock music.

Those of us in our forties today remember with fondness and excitement the atmosphere created by four young guys from Liverpool, England. As all of us remember where we were during the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, we likewise remember being mesmerized in front of our small black & white television sets on Sunday February 9, 1964, at 8 p.m., when the Beatles made their first American debut on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Teen Spirit
What was so important about the Beatles’ appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show?

It may be impossible for anyone who wasn’t living at the time to grasp how much the country changed 40 years ago this Sunday. On Feb. 9, 1964, at 8 p.m. ET, the Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.