Palm Continues To Create Future iPhone Buyers

What I love and hate about Palm

Why does this have to be so hard? Why do we have to be forced to tether these devices to some desktop device somewhere, so that we can install new software, synchronize data between our handheld and the desktop, then try to synchronize the desktop to some server out on the Internet, and hope all that stays properly in sync without losing any data and without unnecessarily duplicating any data?

The epiphany:

I’m really starting to see the appeal of the Apple iPhone. Yes, it does much less than my Treo. Or my T|X. But Apple controls the full user experience on all sides (in some cases, via tightly controlled third parties), and they can give a much tighter and cleaner package. Does less, but does much better at the things it does actually do. And it will do more over time.

It will do more than a Treo will ever be able to do under creaky FrankenGarnet. And don’t hold your breath waiting for a Treo with a 320×480 screen.

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