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February 10, 2007

Sweet Anticipation
Back to the Mac: Day 1
Back to the Mac: Day 2
Back to the Mac: Day 3 And Beyond
DVD Extra: Parallels, AVG and BSOD

Reference: Mac OS X Blogging Tools

February 10, 2007

5 Essential OSX Blogging Tools
ecto: desktop blogging client for MacOSX and Windows


Oh for God’s sake, get this on the iPhone for me!

Paddy Chayefsky’s “Network” Comes To Newspapers

February 10, 2007

How Smith’s death hit Page 1

The mainstream journalistic coverage of Smith’s death is among the first such stories driven, in large part, by an editorial perception of public interest derived mainly from Internet traffic. Throughout the afternoon Thursday, editors across the country watched the number of “hits” recorded for online items about Smith’s death. These days, it’s the rare newspaper whose meeting to discuss the content of the next day’s edition doesn’t include a recitation of the most popular stories on the paper’s website. It’s a safe bet that those numbers helped shove Anna Nicole Smith onto a lot of front pages.

What makes this of more than passing interest is that serious American journalism is in the process of transforming itself into a new, hybrid news medium that combines traditional print and broadcast with a more purposefully articulated online presence. One of the latter’s most seductive attributes is its ability to gauge readers’ appetites for a particular story on a minute-to-minute basis. What you get is something like the familiar television ratings — though constantly updated, if you choose to treat them that way.

For the ignoranti:
Paddy Chayefsky (wikipedia)
Network (wikipedia)

The iPhone Is A First-Generation Pocket Mac

February 10, 2007

The iPhone is not a phone

So now it’s a week later, and I’ve come full circle to where I was when I first heard the announcement: I think it’s not a phone. It’s an entertainment-focused mobile computer.


But if you look at the iPhone first as a mobile computer for entertainment, with phone features added in where convenient, things look very different. The lack of a keypad then becomes a reasonable compromise to get a large screen (great for video and browsing) in a tiny device. The price is still high, but Apple has continuously offered iPod products in the $400-$500 range. The iPhone is close to the price of a high-end iPod, and has a host of additional features. iPod sales have been running at about eight million units a quarter, so ten million iPhones in 18 months is not a ridiculous number. If Apple can get a reasonable percentage of loyal iPod owners to step up to the iPhone, it won’t have to attract all that many new users to make its 10 million number.

Give me a choice of any Bluetooth keyboard pairing with it (as easily as it does with other Macs) and let a word processing/text editing app get on it and I’m on my way to happy.

I’ll have more to say on what I think the iPhone absolutely needs to have later.

Search Is A Generic Function That Will Be All Machine-Generated

February 10, 2007

Search is Still in its Infancy

Go read The Light Of Other Days by Stephen Baxter and Arthur C Clarke.

He’s Fucking Right!

February 10, 2007

Do it Fucking Now.
You want to succeed in Business and in Life? Do it fucking now.

I get such a headache from the shitheads who quote that pile of rubber, Yoda for Christ’s sake!, and his eejit, “Do or do not… there is no try.”

I also get a headache from all the eejits who think, “If I just find the Right Organizing System, I could get this pile of shit called my life into some order!” (Said people then spend the remainder of their pile of shit lives organizing instead of doing.)

Do it fucking NOW!

There is no later.

See also: How Everything Happens

So Where Are All Those Silicon Valley MultiMillionaires When They’re Needed To Do Some REAL — Not Partisan Political — Good?

February 10, 2007

Wikipedia’s cash crunch
— linkswipe from sources too numerous to count!

I Ask Myself: Why Not Get A Frikkin Mac?

February 10, 2007

Upgrade Season will be upon me at one point. So far I’ve several contenders: PepperPad 3, Samsung Q1P, OQO Model 2, Raon Digital Vega, Fujitsu Lifebook 1610.

But then I read this: Windows Guru Chooses a Mac — Permanently.

And I had to stop to ask myself: Why not a frikkin MacBook?

I’d also be able to have Windows on it via Parallels.

And I’d also have all the Mac Goodness of OS X.

Thing is, a MacBook is five bloody pounds heavy!

That’s one speed bump that stops me. My other choices are considerably lighter — and smaller too.

Still, the MacBook has an optical drive. The others don’t.

I’ll be at an Apple Store soon to fondle widgets. I’ll have to do some more playing around with a MacBook. Let me see if I can get the sucker to crash. I’m usually able to make anything crash. Just by wanting to get work done.

Will report back when.