Hey, Nokia! This Is How Quality Works!

Mac OS X 10.5, iLife ’07, iWork ’07 as early as March

As late as mid-2006, Apple had planned to release iLife ’07 and iWork ’07 in January at Macworld Expo, as the company has done in previous years. But discontent over the quality of some of the new additions to the software, including Apple’s first standalone spreadsheet application, saw the release pushed back. At the same time, according to sources, Apple made the decision to wrap Leopard-specific features into the new iLife and iWork suites, originally planned for future releases of the software, possibly to further encourage sales of all three products.

–emphasis added by me.

Rumored postponement of Nokia 770 release
My contemporaneous Comment:

I’d rather have it *done right* and “late” than “on time” and half-baked.


As Mike Cane has said repeatedly, it’s more important to get it right than to get it out early

This is my advice for all tech companies: Shut The Fuck Up about concrete release dates! In fact, don’t show a goddammed thing until you are Insanely Certain that it can appear within a specific timeframe. Apple wasn’t lambasted for not showing anything other than Apple TV and the iPhone at the January Macworld Expo.

Contrast this to Nokia which fucking lost its mind and not only said the 770 would appear within a certain timeframe, but also showed — and released! — a product that should have stayed the fuck in their labs for at least another year. What was the rush, Nokia? What did you get other than the contempt of smart people and the sycophancy of eejits? Most importantly from a practical business aspect: What was the rush to beat which competitors?

Microsoft was also raked over the coals mercilessly for perceived slippage of Vista’s release date. And now that there were no midnight lines to buy it — as there were for the Wii and PlayStation3 — has Microsoft learned anything?

Shut up and do it right before setting any release date!

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