I Ask Myself: Why Not Get A Frikkin Mac?

Upgrade Season will be upon me at one point. So far I’ve several contenders: PepperPad 3, Samsung Q1P, OQO Model 2, Raon Digital Vega, Fujitsu Lifebook 1610.

But then I read this: Windows Guru Chooses a Mac — Permanently.

And I had to stop to ask myself: Why not a frikkin MacBook?

I’d also be able to have Windows on it via Parallels.

And I’d also have all the Mac Goodness of OS X.

Thing is, a MacBook is five bloody pounds heavy!

That’s one speed bump that stops me. My other choices are considerably lighter — and smaller too.

Still, the MacBook has an optical drive. The others don’t.

I’ll be at an Apple Store soon to fondle widgets. I’ll have to do some more playing around with a MacBook. Let me see if I can get the sucker to crash. I’m usually able to make anything crash. Just by wanting to get work done.

Will report back when.


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