The iPhone Is A First-Generation Pocket Mac

The iPhone is not a phone

So now it’s a week later, and I’ve come full circle to where I was when I first heard the announcement: I think it’s not a phone. It’s an entertainment-focused mobile computer.


But if you look at the iPhone first as a mobile computer for entertainment, with phone features added in where convenient, things look very different. The lack of a keypad then becomes a reasonable compromise to get a large screen (great for video and browsing) in a tiny device. The price is still high, but Apple has continuously offered iPod products in the $400-$500 range. The iPhone is close to the price of a high-end iPod, and has a host of additional features. iPod sales have been running at about eight million units a quarter, so ten million iPhones in 18 months is not a ridiculous number. If Apple can get a reasonable percentage of loyal iPod owners to step up to the iPhone, it won’t have to attract all that many new users to make its 10 million number.

Give me a choice of any Bluetooth keyboard pairing with it (as easily as it does with other Macs) and let a word processing/text editing app get on it and I’m on my way to happy.

I’ll have more to say on what I think the iPhone absolutely needs to have later.

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