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Iliad Convert

I’ve been using the Iliad since it was first released. As a device it has great potential, but the software is just not where it needs to be and really hampers the reading experience. I’m beginning to question whether it will ever get to a useable state.

After browsing the Sony Reader forum I decided to check one out. All I can say is WOW. What a change from the Iliad. The device is fast and with a side by side comparison of displays I find the Reader to actually be better. Now, I just need to work on converting all my files over to compatible formats. Hopefully the conversion tools will get better as the product matures, but what a great reading experience.

It’s been many moons since the Sony Reader has come to mind (it is on my Eventually Buy This, Dammit! List). I’m glad to see an Iliad owner winds up liking Sony’s device more. There’s also an update to the Reader. See this other MobileRead thread.

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