Reference: U.S. Presidential Campaign

Ségolène Royal unveils far-left economic campaign platform

She also said that randomly selected citizens’ juries would watch over government policy and that juvenile delinquents could be placed in educational camps run by the military.

As if to preempt her opponents on the right, she stressed throughout her speech that her ideas had been nourished in 6,000 debates with citizens throughout France, a method she has called “participative democracy.”

“With me, politics will never again happen without you,” a combative Royal, 53, told the crowd of flag-waving supporters wearing her logo on T-shirts and stickers. “Today I offer you a presidential pact: 100 proposals for France to rediscover a shared ambition, pride and fraternity.”

Which candidate will not only mimic this campaign but also plagiarize her speeches? It already sounds familiar…

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