Don’t Beg Those Bastards! Boycott Their Shit!

A poor soul inquires of a prominent Nokian, tells the truth about The Biggest Piece Of Shit Known To Man, and by the way makes it sound like the N800 is Son Of The Biggest Piece Of Shit Known To Man…

What galls me most is seeing Nokia and the maemo team jump ship and refocus their effort on a new, rushed-to-market and bug-ridden 2007 platform, leaving 2006 in maintenance mode with some glaring bugs of its own, some of which are known since its very release and will likely never get fixed.

Yes, there was a new release very recently. I installed it last Sunday, having skipped the one before. I left it mostly pristine just to see what would happen… And sure enough, right away it started rebooting itself while idle at least once per 24 hours, just like it’s always done. Sheesh, a Linux system that restarts itself at will every day ? My Zaurus NEVER did that, and neither did any of my Psions. You’d think it would be considered a priority, but if you read the developers list they almost make it sound like it’s “by design”… and of course the N800 does it, too. So there.

Then there are other things like the brain-dead App manager with its impossible interface, brittle update process, and the Red Pill nonsense. Opera closing all windows when you only ask it to close the current one (the “poof” effect), or deciding it doesn’t want to follow any links anymore, or sometimes just the “submit” button on forms… And so on.

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