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Shigeru Miyamoto Talk Asia Interview

SM: I have enjoyed creating something that is unique, something others have not done. I enjoy thinking about ways to create something that other people have not even thought about, something no one has managed to achieve. I often get inspiration from seeing the reaction from users playing games like Super Mario. For instance, I enjoyed making 3D versions of Super Mario 64 or Zelda.

My staff and I are motivated not by trying to out-sell whatever happens to be in the market, but rather trying to develop something that is totally unique. I think it’s important that we enjoy that process. To create a new standard, you have to be up for that challenge and really enjoy it. This is the way we work and have done so many times.

Aw, here I go being cranky even after reading this wonderful interview with this genius of a guy. Palm started out with the above motivation. And it lost, lost, lost it — and continues to do so. Today, such innovation is insanely dismissed as a “fad.”

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