Yes, I Understand That I’m Dead

February 20, 2007

Real Age
— but it won’t tell me how long I’ve been a zombie!

The Digg For Dummb

February 20, 2007

The Stupidity Tracker

Except The CopyNazis

February 20, 2007

Everybody Loves BitTorrent

The traditional method of distributing large files is to put them on a central server. Each client then downloads the file directly from the server. It’s a gratifyingly simple approach, but it doesn’t scale. For every download, the server consumes bandwidth equal to the size of the file. You probably don’t have enough bandwidth to serve a large file to a large audience, and even if you did, your bandwidth bill would go through the roof. The larger the file, the larger the audience, the worse your bandwidth problem gets. It’s a popularity tax.

LifeDrive Notes: RSS & Resco Neeews!

February 20, 2007

Resco Neeews! – the (p)review

Neeews’s dynamic rendering allows you to look at a feed while it’s data is still being downloaded. This is especially handy for feeds with many images… . Here is a video that shows the creation of a dynamic feed, its downloading and rendering on a Palm Tungsten E2.

Google Video demo here

Apple: Should John Be Smiling?

February 20, 2007


So here it is, the rumored February 20th.

It’s a little before noon on the east coast.

Will Apple have any iPod and or iTunes Store announcements at all?