Better Than Super Adventure Team!


This was a teaser clip I shot to help sell a concept for a television series. “Todd” follows the adventures of a handsome, brilliant, scientist/rockstar/athlete who’s entire body is composed of radioactive sandwich meat. Todd was created in a lab accident by his “father”, Zarg, a seven foot tall caveman with the implanted brain of a 29th century, alien scientist.

“Todd” was inspired by the Gerry Anderson puppet show “Thunderbirds”. I was looking to combine the puppet silliness of “Thunderbirds” (complete with live action insert shots) with the non P.C. action of shows like “Jonny Quest” and the blood and gore of the old SNL “Mr. Bill” sketches.

Despite the low budget quality (shot in two weekends in my back yard) I did manage to pitch it to some nice people at Comedy Central. However, that was at the same time a couple of guys were making a little puppet film for theatrical release called “Team America”. Unfortunately, CC passed on “Todd” and I wasn’t able to get it in anywhere else. So, after all this time, I thought I’d throw it out here and see what you all think.

All in all, it was a blast to make. To get a chance to pitch it was amazing. I hope you enjoy it.

Go see!

Gerry Anderson inspired millions.

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