Gerry Anderson’s Joe 90

Joe 90 – Before & After Digital Restoration

A Selection of Stills from the 16mm Negative & the Digitally Restored 35mm Interpositive Negative, This really shows you just how lucky we were!!

An absolutely remarkable document. With wonderful Barry Gray* music too! Crank up those speakers!

Hey, Suits! This is more interesting than the shit you think we want to watch! Take Lost and shove it.

*Holy shit! I never knew his birth name was Jack Eckles!

Update: DMCA takedown as of June 25, 2007. This takedown is particularly stupid as there was nothing there that I could see violating any copyright! It was a collection of stills, for Christ’s sake, showing how degraded they were in their original form and how they were restored to vibrancy digitally. It was a great promo to advertise the DVD set. You stupid Suits!

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