Space:1999 Still Wants To Live

Moonbase Alpha: Darkside

This is a combination of several short clips I download a few years back from the Moonbase Alpha: Darkside web site, into a short trailer. Unfortunately the DAKSIDE web site has not been updated since 2003 and I am afraid the project has been abandoned, but I am not sure about that.

Darkside was to be a collection of stories and animations which takes the universe created by Space: 1999 and bring in a new perspective.

Watching the CGI Eagles cross the surface of the Moon at such low altitude really gives a good simulation of velocity. This is something they could never achieve in the original series with models.


A LightWave 3D Rendering of Eagle One lifting off of Moonbase Alpha. I created Alpha Moonbase (Still under construction) from scratch. Eagle Model courtesy of James Murphy.

Wow. More stuff just not possible with the original models. Wonderful Barry Gray music.

Space: 1999 Face of Eden

A FAN EDITED Video – Episode never happened. Scenes were edited together from several episodes

Well, this also solves a mystery for me! This had been floating around P2P nets but was harder to get than intelligence out of a U.S. President’s head. Really nice work. I loved seeing Year Two images with Barry Gray’s Year One theme.

Space 1999 Requiem

Space 1999 fan video to the music Requiem for a Dream.

Montage of still images that tells a story. Very well done. When The Sci-Fi Channel was still devoted to fannish sf (what the fuck is wrestling now doing on that channel, for Christ’s sake?!!?), they had a half hour newsmagazine. This is the sort of thing that would have appeared on it. Those were the days…

Space:1999 “Year one” in Bubble gum cards

Space 1999 Fans will remember these!

The cool collector cards you got from those wax packs with the stick of gum that you could chip a tooth on…

Well here they all are, all 66 cards from year one, in order!

Including original music from the show by Berry Gray called “Event Horizon”

These rare collector cards from 1976 are getting harder to find in good condition.

Some younger people will not have seen this series.

Please remember that this show is from the 70’s but still has a cult like fan following.

The show ran for two seasons before it was cancelled.

It was beleived the second season director changed the format of the original show and it was not liked as much by both the creator, Gerry Anderson and most of its fans.

I still think that they have the coolest space crafts.

Now this is “user-generated content” to the fekkin max! Features Barry Gray’s majestic music. Maximize the speaker volume!

Space 2261

A sci-fi fan video remix using the cuts and music from “Space: 1999” and video from Babylon 5’s “Endgame” episode.

This is part of a collection of fan-made sci-fi themed music videos. There are a couple of us uploading these, and they will all have the tag “PagesBar”, so search on that if you want to see the whole collection.

A ringer! For Bab5 fans, but features the wonderful Barry Gray (marred by Vic Elms!) theme.

Space 1999

Video made with animate gifs

The Koenig shot in Main Mission is incredible. Warning: This features the horrible adaptation of the Barry Gray theme by Derek Wadsworth. Turn off the speakers!


If Space 1999 had made a 3rd series then maybe the openning titles would have looked like this.

Wow. Very nice appearance of the series title! I think Gerry Anderson would like that!

Moco – A Horse is Just a Pony

A Horse is Just a Pony – Music Video
Created by Tony Southworth

The ~311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha face their worst enemy yet: bad rock music!

Space: Eternal

A fan film designed to highlight the essence of Space: 1999.

Very well done. A true labor of love.

Message from Moonbase Alpha- Space 1999

Message from Moonbase Alpha – complete with ATV front and end caps and my version of what could have been season 3 tiles. Music used is an unused demo version by Derek Wadsworth he submitted for season 2! Hope you ENJOY!

And that’s, for now, as official a sequel as there is…

Rest In Peace, Tony Anholt. You died far too young.


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