Girls Don’t Cry: Solo Music By The Girls & Final Residency Show At Pianos Tonight @ 9PM

February 22, 2007

Girls Don’t Cry

See Liz Kelly’s MySpace page for her solo work.

GDC Hannah
See Hannah Fairlight’s MySpace page for her solo work.

GDC Sora
Sora An doesn’t have music on her page.

GDC Caitlin
Caitlin Gray also doesn’t have music on her page.

GDC Rachael
And I can’t find a page for Rachael Cornick!
Update: It’s right here. And she has a very nice picture on it too! (See my self-flagellating Update post.)  Second Update: that updated link was bollixed.  All fixed now.  (Thanks, Spawn!)

See the Girls tonight, Thursday February 22, 2007 9PM, at Pianos.

Pianos is at 158 Ludlow St LES, NYC, NY 10002. 212.505.3733

The Girls have their own Category. Click right here to see other posts about this fantastic band!

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More Nvmb3r Stvff

February 22, 2007

What’s Special About This Number?

Better help them with 295!

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When TV Was Local, Giants Walked The Earth

February 22, 2007

Towering legends Soupy Sales and Sandy Becker interviewed.

Sandy Becker – Soupy Sales – Fred Scott Interview – Part 1

Stewart Klein interviews Sandy, Soupy and Fred about the children’s television shows they hosted on WNEW-TV, channel five in New York.

Sandy Becker – Soupy Sales – Fred Scott Interview – Part 2

Along with Sonny Fox, Chuck McCann, and Captain Jack McCarthy, Sandy, Soupy and Fred provided hours of entertainment for kids in NYC every week.

Sandy Becker – Soupy Sales – Fred Scott Interview – Part 3

The kid shows were piped in like utilities: you turned on the set just about any time a kid would want to watch TV, and there these guys were. For many of us, the great Sandy Becker WAS New York TV. Fred Scott read the news following his kids show; once he forgot who he was talking to and said, “This is the Channel 5 News, Uncle Fred Scott reporting.”

Today almost anyone can buy a DV camera to produce the highest-resolution images possible. Anyone can compose music with Garageband. Editing is possible on any Mac with iMovieHD.

And none of the results on sites such as YouTube can match what kids saw live on TV in the 1960s.

Any eejit can buy equipment. Only geniuses have talent.

Classic Chuck McCann On YouTube!

February 22, 2007

Oh my God! I love love love love the Internet!!

Chuck McCann 01 – The Show Opens

From the heyday of Channel 5 in New York City, it’s the one, the only, Chuck McCann, in the first of seven segments. Stay Tuned!
Also: listen to a recent interview with Chuck at [Time Travel Is Possible]

Chuck McCann 02 – “You Wanted It (1)”

The amazing feats of the great escape artist and lock picker, Mr. Bombo Dump, appearing on “You Wanted It,” hosted by the inimitable Sid Slick. Can we have a fanfare, please? (Circa 1964-65; WNEW-TV; unsubstantiated rumor has it that Daniel Day-Lewis based his “Bill The Butcher” character in Scorsese’s “Gangs of New York” on McCann’s unforgettable Bombo.

Chuck McCann 03 – “Care for a dog?”

Unusually low-key Chuck in these three sketches. A snowstorm that’s Head and Shoulders above the rest; A story from ol’ Ranger Smith; The upwardly mobile meal.

Chuck McCann 04 – “Fine and Dandy”

Three more skits from Chuck: The military parade review; the percussionist; the ventriloquist. Nothing says ‘showbiz’ like the song ‘Fine and Dandy.

Chuck McCann 05 – “Pizza Face”

Chuck McCann performed visual shaggy dog stories… all the effort sometimes led to a punch line hardly worth the effort. It was watching Chuck that made the trip fun. Here we have a ‘shaggy-dog-ending’ Pizza shop scene, and the return of the dummies Dinky and Dunky.

Chuck McCann 06 – “Bunko Squad”

Chuck’s “Dick Tracy” character from WPIX’s “Just for Fun” becomes Detective Dump of Bunko Squad. Note that, rather than a wrist radio, Dump sports a Princess phone.

Chuck McCann 07 – “You Wanted It (2)”

The Great Bombo returns, this time to perform as a human cannonball.

The genius of the man! PoMo hipsters bray about breaking the 4th wall. McCann did it before there was PoMo — hell, before there was Mo! And if I recall correctly, he was the first person to run videotape backwards. While other kids had icky creeps like Captain Kangaroo and Mister Rogers on their TVs, the smart kids watched Chuck McCann, Sandy Becker, Sonny Fox, Soupy Sales, and Paul Winchell. We became artists. They became obedient and then — dimly sensing their childhood deprivation and warpage — crooked corporate drones, working for outfits like the MPAA, RIAA, Enron, WorldCom, ad nauseum.

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The Other Greatest SF TV Series Ever. Until…

February 22, 2007

Before Firefly, there was Blake’s 7.

The similarities are simply eerie.

There’s a ton of Blake’s 7 stuff on YouTube.

But this one fan-created trailer is what’s worth singling out to look at now:

Blake’s 7 Trailer – BLAKE [Update: Deleted as of June 25, 2007]

I thought i’d make this trailer for the last episode of Blake’s 7, because i think it was a cracking show and the end episode was amazing. So I’d thought i’d make a trailer to make it even more appealing, hope you enjoy.

P.S – MUCH Better Quicktime version here :

The entire series of Blake’s 7 was released on VHS tape several years ago. It’s now here on DVD too.

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The Greatest SF TV Show Ever. Until…

February 22, 2007

Until Firefly came along, the greatest SF TV series was Star Cops.

Starcops Intro

The theme song ‘It Won’t Be Easy’ by Justin Hayward.


This is not just the theme, it’s the entire first scene from the first show! The directing borders on the inept, but you can easily see the sheer brilliance of the script.

The theme alone has been up on YouTube at least once and was DMCA takedowned.

Go see this before it happens again!

In an interview, series creator Chris Boucher revealed that he absolutely hated the theme song the producer put on the series. I think he’s wrong to do so. It fits the series perfectly. It ties in with a critical plot point. It’s also very melancholic, which is a key point of the series lead character, Nathan Spring.

Brits have had this on DVD for several years. Dammit, I want it here in the U.S. too!

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REAL Must-See TV: Coronet Blue!

February 22, 2007

Coronet Blueupdate: DMCA takedown

Opening scene from an episode of Coronet Blue starring Frank Converse as a man who is shot and thrown overboard and left to die. He survives but can’t remember anything except the words “Coronet Blue”.

Coronet Blue – introupdate: DMCA takedown

This is the intro to the cult classic TV series Coronet Blue starring Frank Converse. 13 episodes were filmed in 1965 then shelved until 1967 when they aired only 11 episodes. The show became an instant hit for CBS but Converse had already moved on to another show NYPD. This intro is from a rare workprint of one of the unaired shows. I have all 13 episodes.

Update: June 17, 2007: The theme visual is back up on YouTube. We’ll see how bloody long that lasts this time!

I don’t think I saw every episode of this when it originally aired. But it stuck in my mind for decades. I thought I was the only person to recall it. That theme song also stuck in my head. Try that with today’s TV. What, are you going to recall the theme to Lost? Hah! It has no theme!

With all the talk about niche markets, why the hell hasn’t this been released on DVD? Or even as iTunes downloads? Hey, Microsoft! Want to pump up the Zune? Get Coronet Blue video downloads on the Zune Marketplace! Hey, Steve Jobs! You gonna let BillG beat you to this? Bueller? Bueller?

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Oh, Palm. You Pack Of Eejits!

February 22, 2007

What Palm might have done

So, many people may be spending $200 each on a WiFi “Skype-enabled” handset, because they can save money using it, when they could have purchased a $200 or $300 Palm WiFi “Skype-enabled” handset PDA that did as much or much more, if only Palm had realised the opportunity.

Has there ever in the history of the high tech field been a company as badly managed and with as limited a vision as Palm Computing? I really can’t think of one.

And Ed Colligan, I’m including your “leadership” in this timeframe too!