Classic Chuck McCann On YouTube!

Oh my God! I love love love love the Internet!!

Chuck McCann 01 – The Show Opens

From the heyday of Channel 5 in New York City, it’s the one, the only, Chuck McCann, in the first of seven segments. Stay Tuned!
Also: listen to a recent interview with Chuck at [Time Travel Is Possible]

Chuck McCann 02 – “You Wanted It (1)”

The amazing feats of the great escape artist and lock picker, Mr. Bombo Dump, appearing on “You Wanted It,” hosted by the inimitable Sid Slick. Can we have a fanfare, please? (Circa 1964-65; WNEW-TV; unsubstantiated rumor has it that Daniel Day-Lewis based his “Bill The Butcher” character in Scorsese’s “Gangs of New York” on McCann’s unforgettable Bombo.

Chuck McCann 03 – “Care for a dog?”

Unusually low-key Chuck in these three sketches. A snowstorm that’s Head and Shoulders above the rest; A story from ol’ Ranger Smith; The upwardly mobile meal.

Chuck McCann 04 – “Fine and Dandy”

Three more skits from Chuck: The military parade review; the percussionist; the ventriloquist. Nothing says ‘showbiz’ like the song ‘Fine and Dandy.

Chuck McCann 05 – “Pizza Face”

Chuck McCann performed visual shaggy dog stories… all the effort sometimes led to a punch line hardly worth the effort. It was watching Chuck that made the trip fun. Here we have a ‘shaggy-dog-ending’ Pizza shop scene, and the return of the dummies Dinky and Dunky.

Chuck McCann 06 – “Bunko Squad”

Chuck’s “Dick Tracy” character from WPIX’s “Just for Fun” becomes Detective Dump of Bunko Squad. Note that, rather than a wrist radio, Dump sports a Princess phone.

Chuck McCann 07 – “You Wanted It (2)”

The Great Bombo returns, this time to perform as a human cannonball.

The genius of the man! PoMo hipsters bray about breaking the 4th wall. McCann did it before there was PoMo — hell, before there was Mo! And if I recall correctly, he was the first person to run videotape backwards. While other kids had icky creeps like Captain Kangaroo and Mister Rogers on their TVs, the smart kids watched Chuck McCann, Sandy Becker, Sonny Fox, Soupy Sales, and Paul Winchell. We became artists. They became obedient and then — dimly sensing their childhood deprivation and warpage — crooked corporate drones, working for outfits like the MPAA, RIAA, Enron, WorldCom, ad nauseum.

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