REAL Must-See TV: Coronet Blue!

Coronet Blueupdate: DMCA takedown

Opening scene from an episode of Coronet Blue starring Frank Converse as a man who is shot and thrown overboard and left to die. He survives but can’t remember anything except the words “Coronet Blue”.

Coronet Blue – introupdate: DMCA takedown

This is the intro to the cult classic TV series Coronet Blue starring Frank Converse. 13 episodes were filmed in 1965 then shelved until 1967 when they aired only 11 episodes. The show became an instant hit for CBS but Converse had already moved on to another show NYPD. This intro is from a rare workprint of one of the unaired shows. I have all 13 episodes.

Update: June 17, 2007: The theme visual is back up on YouTube. We’ll see how bloody long that lasts this time!

I don’t think I saw every episode of this when it originally aired. But it stuck in my mind for decades. I thought I was the only person to recall it. That theme song also stuck in my head. Try that with today’s TV. What, are you going to recall the theme to Lost? Hah! It has no theme!

With all the talk about niche markets, why the hell hasn’t this been released on DVD? Or even as iTunes downloads? Hey, Microsoft! Want to pump up the Zune? Get Coronet Blue video downloads on the Zune Marketplace! Hey, Steve Jobs! You gonna let BillG beat you to this? Bueller? Bueller?

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