The Other Greatest SF TV Series Ever. Until…

Before Firefly, there was Blake’s 7.

The similarities are simply eerie.

There’s a ton of Blake’s 7 stuff on YouTube.

But this one fan-created trailer is what’s worth singling out to look at now:

Blake’s 7 Trailer – BLAKE [Update: Deleted as of June 25, 2007]

I thought i’d make this trailer for the last episode of Blake’s 7, because i think it was a cracking show and the end episode was amazing. So I’d thought i’d make a trailer to make it even more appealing, hope you enjoy.

P.S – MUCH Better Quicktime version here :

The entire series of Blake’s 7 was released on VHS tape several years ago. It’s now here on DVD too.

Prior mention on this blog: The Greatest TV. Ever.

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