Space:1999 The Hatred For Year Two

Cult Culture: Space 1999 (Season Two)

Freiberger, by the way, destroyed every show he touched. After Space: 1999 failed, he went on to destroy the final season of the Six Million Dollar Man. Then he served as the dictator of Iraq until 2003.

Oh my god. I newly went into lethal spasms reading this episode description:

One Moment of Humanity
Stop me when this sounds like a Star Trek rip-off, or when you start to think that Fred Freiberger should be drawn and quartered. So androids capture – What? No, sorry, let me finish. So androids capture our stars and force them to demonstrate Humanity so that they may – What? Really, let me finish.

And, really, that was one of the best two episodes of the second season! The other, The A B Chrysalis, was written by Tony Barwick, a brilliant writer for Anderson’s series.

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