Just Who Do You Think You Are?

The Pretender’s Guide To Shut Up

The main point that I am trying to discuss here is that these fermented remnants of bovine excreta don’t have a point of view of their own but keep peddling articles and reviews from other sources as if it’s their own ideas. I must point out that there are those who use the same said sources to enhance their understanding rather than define it. I see no harm in this form of growth. Everyone does that, you shape your ideas based on others’. But to claim that these ideas are your own is indecent and below human dignity. There are many who mock me for my tastes but secretly they wish they had it. One develops a sense of identity by first assuming others’ and then growing into their own (of course there are the counter-culturists, but again, they grow into their own identities as well).

A great rant with the wisest final paragraph I’ve ever read online.

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