Nokia: Hey, Sucker, Give Us Your Genius For FREE!

Enter the Nokia and Popular Science Reader Challenge

Prize: The Grand Prize and Runner-up Prize is an editorial mention in Popular Science Magazine. Grand Prize winner’s entry and name will be featured in May 2007 issue of Popular Science. Runner-up winner’s entry and name will be featured in June 2007 issue of Popular Science. There is no retail value associated with the editorial mention.


If the idea is truly knock-your-socks-off brilliant, Nokia will consider integrating it into a future generation of the Internet Tablet, as well as naming the idea after the winner.

Yeah, under these terms and conditions, you fucking morons who enter:

Submission of an essay grants Nokia the exclusive royalty free world wide right to print, copy, publish, use, edit, exhibit, distribute, perform, merchandize, license, sublicense, adapt and/or modify such essay in any way (and to publish the entrant’s name along with such essay), in any and all media whether now known or hereafter developed, without limitation and without compensation to the entrant. Submission of an essay further constitutes the entrant’s consent to irrevocably assign and transfer to Nokia any and all rights, title and interest in the essay, including, without limitation, all copyrights and patents. In addition, the entrant must certify that the essay was original and written by the entrant, and that no other person or entity holds rights to the entry (essay/application). Failure to provide such certification will result in disqualification and the entrant with the next highest score will be declared the winner.

Emphasis added by me.

In this day and age companies are still pulling this free landgrab bullshit? You’d have to have the IQ of Homer fucking Simpson to agree to that shit.

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