The iPhone Oscar Ad: Hello!

February 25, 2007

I had to be out during the Oscars but I took along a small TV — with a color screen of lower resolution and size than a Treo!

Thankfully the iPhone ad ran during the first break.

Despite triple ghost images, I caught on by the third Hello.

What a brilliant ad! Tying in a telephone’s Hello to the original Macintosh introduction’s Hello!

Covering my back was a friend who was watching the Oscars with instructions to call me when the ad ran — and if he saw it.

Although I wasn’t able to make out most of the stars, both my friend and I zeroed in on the same, uh, person in the ad: Betty Rubble!

OK, now I’m calling the next iPhone ad: It will feature The Beatles song with that lyric, “You say goodbye, but I say hello.”

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Girls Don’t Cry Get Some Recognition From The Brits

February 25, 2007

Girls Don’t Cry | “That’s The Sound” | Featured Audio

I somehow missed this when it was published back in December!

Belated congratulations, Girls!

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Reference: Streaming TV Feeds

February 25, 2007

Streaming PDA

–linkswipe from Palm Addicts: Mobile TV and Radio resources for mobile devices, Streaming PDA and Treobits

I’m Mike! Fly Me!

February 25, 2007

Oh baby! Stewardesses! When they were required to be young, nubile, and above all pretty!

The Glamour of Flight

And those too young to have missed the best TV ad campaign ever for an airline (which I’ve used as this entry’s head), see the text at the bottom of Crazy Commercials and Unforgettable Jingles and the passing mention at Wikipedia.

Ah, here’s a print ad I’ve found and filched from this site:


Can you believe it? None of the TV ads are available on the Internet!

Where I Live, Most People Want To Be Al Pacino’s Scarface

February 25, 2007

The movie magic is gone

The promise of an alternative life — the vicarious thrill of escape — has always been one of the movies’ greatest blandishments. In the theater we could all imagine ourselves to be Cary Grant or Bette Davis. Now with avatars — essentially masks that one can use to represent oneself on the Internet — anyone can be Cary Grant or Bette Davis without having to imagine it. In effect, we have become our own movies.

Avatar? Avatar?

They ain’t using virtual bullets around me!

And really, Gabler, how many droolers on the net would know who the hell Grant or Davis were without a fast trip to Google or Wikipedia? You are several generations behind! Welcome to ObsoleteLand, Gabler. Let me give you a tour…

Reference: Don’t Be A Cheap Schmuck, Pay For A Lawyer!

February 25, 2007

A Fatal Paper Cut

Last week I watched, live, a promising young start up die because of pesky paperwork and a VC that felt the need to go the distance when it came to covering thy butt. It was ugly and it will be nothing shy of a miracle if the lawsuits don’t come flying.

Hey, Suits! Don’t Tread On Us!

February 25, 2007

Consumers’ revolt: Power to the people

Consumer militancy erupts as individuals join forces on the internet to fight back against the state and big business

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