Girls Don’t Cry Update

February 28, 2007

Well stupid stupid stupid me.

Rachael Cornick, vocalist and keyboardist of Girls Don’t Cry, does indeed have a MySpace page.

All I had to do is that thing called Search.

Eejit me.

This is an update of this previous entry.

The Girls have their own Category. Click right here to see other posts about this fantastic band!

LifeDrive Notes: Software, EBooks, & Keyboard

February 28, 2007

Several goodies from the invaluable Palm Addicts site:

Frreware Spell5

Spell5 is such an excellent program and it;s free but it is handy to have on your Palm device especially if you write a great deal. “Freeware. Spell5 is a clipboard editor and an American English spell checker with an extensive 172k word list (140k common words and 32k abbreviations/proper nouns). Smaller word lists of 78k and 14k (common words) and 17k and 300 (abbreviations/proper nouns) are also included. Unknown words can be added to a separate private word list. Alternative spellings are also provided when a misspelled word is found. Supports PalmOS 3.3 to 5.x. Best performance on PalmOS 5.x.

Cleaning your DBcache

[From Rui Castro] Ever since I got my Treo 650 I started to need to learn about the DBcache. I don’t really know the specifics but I do know that this new memory makes these last Palms unstable. I had a Palm IIIx, IIIc and TT and I never had theses problems before. A year ago I my Palm Treo started to reset all the time so I went on a quest through google looking for ways to solve this. The first app I found was Pref Doctor, at the time it had only 3 features, a backup of the “preference save” file , a clean exchange manager and a lock Preference Save File. This app did help a bit but it wasn’t enough, it didn’t help with the DBcache. Later I found UDMH, it clean a memory at time that I didn’t know of, the DBcache. But I didn’t like this app at the time because it made my 2day app slow. So knowing of the DBcache I continued my quest through google and found DBcacheTool. This one was great, free, full of features. Two problems, the help file was in Japanese (later I found a badly translated English file) and the cleaning process was a bit slow. I wasn’t satisfied, so continued looking and found the Pref Doctor forum. Here I test a new version which at this time had a clean DBcache.

Read all your comics strips via rss… it can be done!

[From S Rough] Every day I need to read my dose of chuckles to help lighten the mood or just to relax. Normally I sit in front on my pc and read ’em there, but not now. Just yesterday I finally figured out how to get them to appear on my palm. Let me walk you through the steps:

HPSkinStudio 14.2

HPSkinStudio 14.2 has been updated on Palmgear. “HPSkin Studio is easy to use !
In a few clicks each one can personalize its Palm
Version 14 is the last one !

Silk Pagoda ebook site

Welcome to Silk Pagoda. We finally have a website to go with our legendary edition of Journey to the West, and are backing that title up with lost classics from China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam, with forthcoming new content as well. Visit my account to access your books at any time. We also be offering nicely-priced reprints for those so inclined.

Proporta carries the Freedom Mini Duo Keyboard…

[From Katrina at Proporta] Proporta carries the Freedom Mini Duo Keyboard… For those who like to email or word process on the go – it is not always convenient to carry a laptop, or full-sized keyboard with you whilst on your travels. Busy conference rooms, trains and other tight spaces just won’t allow it, which is why Proporta are happy to introduce the Freedom Mini Duo Keyboard.

— I don’t know about that keyboard. Looks like rubber chiclet keys. Could be more trouble than it’s worth. Still, I’d like to fondle it. Freedom states it’s compatible with PalmOS 5.x devices on their website.

Reviewer I Can Trust Follows Up With Palm

February 28, 2007

Previously: Now Here Is A Reviewer I Can TRUST!

Currently: Treo 700p fix: Palm throws me a few crumbs of hope…

Good work, PJ Arts!

As Barry Farber says: Kick them again, they’re still wiggling!

March 2007: RIAA Boycott Month — Prepare For It

February 28, 2007

Discover and Download Free Music Albums with The Spiral

Jamendo just added a great new feature to their site that makes it easier to discover new music from their collection of over 2500 free music albums. It’s like a remix of the Digg Swarm and Pandora, incuding free BitTorrent downloads.


All albums are Creative Commons licensed, and available in MP3 (~200Kbps) and Ogg Vorbis (300Kbps) format. They can be downloaded with your favorite BitTorrent client and Emule.

Blogroll Addition: Stupidity Tracker

February 28, 2007

The Stupidity Tracker

How the fuck were you people raised?!!?

A goddam pack of wolves would have done a better job for most of you.

I can get confused at times — math is generally not my thing, and if you try to get me to calculate in the morning, you’re just asking for trouble — but, jaysus!, the shit that I encounter daily would drive me to drink if I could tolerate alcohol.

Where is that Massive Kill-Off from Bird Flu I’ve been promised?

Harlan Ellison: Stop It, Already!

February 28, 2007

Help Defend Fantagraphics & The 1st Amendment

It’s that time again — the Fantagraphics Defense Fund is open for business!

As you have probably heard by now, Harlan Ellison sued us in October, 2006. The details of the lawsuit can be found in court documents posted here.

He is (basically) suing us over two issues:

First, in the history-of-Fantagraphics book WE TOLD YOU SO: COMICS AS ART that we serialized on the Fantagraphics blog last year, Gary told two brief anecdotes about Ellison’s conduct during the infamous Michael Fleisher trial. We are defending ourselves by arguing the content of these anecdotes are a) opinion and b) true (and for that matter have been circulated for over a decade unchallenged including on Ellison’s own website in the context of the notoriously one-sided Gauntlet article), Ellison has now elected to allege that they were libelous. When we were apprised by Ellison’s attorney initially that Ellison was unhappy with these comments, we offered him space in our book to rebut these comments or offer his own counter-narrative, but he rejected these options and chose to file suit instead.

Second, we reprinted the Ellison interview that caused the Fleisher suit in our COMICS JOURNAL LIBRARY collection THE WRITERS. Ellison is not suing over this –in fact, he’s admitted in public that we own the interview and have the right to reprint it—but is claiming instead that it is illegal to use his name on the cover (along with the names of the other writers we interviewed).

We have argued to the court that both claims are absurd and the suit frivolous and meritless. […]

I simply cannot believe this.

When I began my independent adult life over 25 years ago, Harlan Ellison and Fantagraphics were engaged in a legal action, defending themselves against a suit brought by writer Michael Fleischer.

Here it is, over a quarter of a fucking century later, and this time they are at each other.

And Harlan Ellison’s suit is even more frivolous and idiotic than the Fleischer suit was.

Harlan Ellison, you are a very mature man with more knowledge and experience than I will will ever have in my entire life. You were one of my first writing gods. Through your work by your life’s example, you taught me more than anyone else ever did or probably ever will. You were seminal in my life. I believe that if you take a moment and step back, you will see that there are far more valuable uses for your speedily-decreasing allotment of time on this earth. Do you really want to spend time in a courtroom again? Do you really want to go through all that shit again over trivia?

And, yes, it is trivia.

There comes a time just to shrug one’s shoulders and say, “Aw, fuck it!”

This is one of those times.

Please get back to your keyboard and delight us with new work. That is what your time left should be used for.

And if you won’t go back to the keyboard, then use the time to enjoy your life, for fuck’s sake. You damn well deserve to!