Oh. This Is Good.

calling all theocons

Are you firmly convinced that man and this planet and all the animals on it from the colossal squid to the nasty things that live on our eyelids were created by God in six days (with God putting his feet up and watching some NFL on the 7th day because there is nothing more American than watching pro football on Sunday)?

Do you believe a woman should be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen? Hate gays and secretly believe AIDS is part of God’s plan to kill ’em all? Think it is important to have balanced budgets comprised of 90% defense spending and 10% money to faith-based initiatives? Want to execute doctors that perform abortions, and the women that have them too, because you firmly believe all life is sacred? Think it is important to keep guns legal because they are good things, and want to ban the cervical cancer vaccine because it will encourage young women to become sluts and sleep around?

Now go read the rest.

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