Steve Jobs Kept Saying “Unbelievable”

Apple Says IPhone to Sell Since Free Phones Worthless (Update3)

When asked how the Cupertino, California-based company estimated the market of opportunity for the iPhone, Cook said Apple rejected traditional approaches that call for comparing the product to devices sold in a similar price range. Apple plans to offer two iPhone models priced at $499 and $599.

“That kind of analysis doesn’t make really great products,” Cook said. “The iPod would not have been brought to market if we would have looked at it that way — how many $399 music players were being sold at that time?”

Go look at the video of the iPhone intro at Apple’s site.

I’m hoping that when I put out my $600 plus the cost of the contract, I’ll also exclaim in delight, “Unbelievable!”

I’ve been using a $20 ThiefoneTracfone. I’ve been saying “Unbelievable” too — in disgust!

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