This Month’s Subhead

By and large he found that “the people” behaved better when treated from the beginning like filth. [pg. 12]

Again I put it up late.

It comes from the excellent novel Lee by the excellent writer Tito Perdue.

Some other choice bits:

For Lee, there were but two occupations for the serious mind: treason and literature. [pg. 41]

The best of them looked forward to when all would be prosperous; he, to when none would be. [pg. 41]

“Think of it! Greed, ignorance. All television and no literature—think! And now any one thing is good as any other. Why, I can remember when people used to fall helplessly in love. … Now these sons of bitches love their goddamn jobs, so-called, more than their goddamn wives!” [pgs. 64-65]

And, aside from what I’m using as this month’s subhead, my other favorite:

“I see. Working when you could have been reading.” [pg. 86]

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