New Gerry Anderson On YouTube

Captain Scarlet – Old Series music video

Okay, so I’m happy I got my mitts on Premiere Pro 2 and decided to go nuts with editing a video for Captain Scarlet. Used the original credits theme song from the old series. The footage is only from the first 10 episodes, so for fans, yes, I know, there’s more I could’ve used in the later episodes. :(

All copyrights of the video are to Carlton releasing and Gerry Anderson himself! I just edited this hodgepodge! :P

A pretty good vid. Look at all those wonderful Derek Meddings explosions! God, I miss those! No one could do them like him. R.I.P., Derek Meddings.

Captain Scarlet A-Team

This is what you get when you cross Gerry Anderson’s Captain Scarlet with the A-Team.

Pretty bad. But at least he tried to sync the sound effects to the images.

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