Kenneth Eng Interest Still High


All of a sudden, my post about Kenneth Eng is getting some mad badass traffic.

It’s my first hour on the net, so I don’t know if he’s made the news again. Plenty of people are suddenly doing searches about him!

Here are some prior posts of mine that have mentioned China:

China Sets Blog Record Here!
— goddam, they really flocked here!

Hello To China
— this contains the kind of language Eng objected to in one of his columns. He would probably find it extremely offensive. It was meant with affection and I didn’t get any cranky emails from China — or elsewhere — about it. I simply reflected the kind of English I’ve encountered in my many adventures in NYC’s wonderful Chinatown (my favorite place in NYC!). God knows if I tried to speak Chinese it’d come out something like that (except much less happy)! My intent was an underlying seriousness, as anyone clicking on the link therein will see: W. Edwards Deming advised Japan and it became an economic and manufacturing powerhouse. China has the opportunity to go even further. Spewing out fall-apart goods and cheap fakes is just beneath that country. It has a heritage of scholarship and, in its own way, quality (no one can beat China when it comes to rules of engagement! Sun Tzu is just the best-known example of that.).

Another Fake
— yep, one of the fakes. China can do better than this.

And here is that post about anime:

Japan: Cool Triumphs
— I’m very eager to see what China does in pop culture. The movies I’ve seen — that nearly everyone has seen — are incredible. They have an outrageous enthusiasm — and also a stark seriousness — that’s long been abandoned by American entertainment. But what about the stuff that will engage children, as Japan’s anime did in the 1960s? If anyone can point me to a site that covers similar Chinese pop culture, I’d appreciate learning!

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