Flipstart & Samsung Add To Upgrade Season Choices

Over at JK on the Run there’s a 20-minute embedded YouTube video of that fiend James Kendrick giving us a looksee overview of the Flipstart microPC he’s gotten his greedy paws on. It’s a very interesting device. Let me give Flipstart a standing ovation for Shutting The Fuck Up and Just Doing It. Over at the Flipstart site, they’re not giving out any info, so hop over to JK’s site to watch the vid.

Engadget caused me to have massive drooling this morning when I saw they had advanced info about the upcoming Samsung Q2 UMPC. Oh, just go look at this picture! An embedded split QWERTY keyboard that rips off mimics the Pepper Pad 3! (Warning: Disgustingly-overdone Flash animation at the Pepper Pad 3 Hanbit site!) Man, looking at the Q2, I think I’d rather have it over the Fujitsu Lifebook 1610 (the one Kendrick The Professional Fiend uses).

There’s also rumor of a successor to the Raon Digital Vega.

And of course, I still wonder about getting a Mac notebook.

Choice is good!

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