Prediction: YouTube/Google Drop Flash Video

March 8, 2007

And I mean “drop” in the damned traditional sense: discontinue. Not the fake-ghetto suburban-white-boy Eminem-hip-hop bass-ackward sense of “introduce.”

They’ll go with H.264.


Steve Jobs wants to conquer all of video too: The Great Apple Video Encoder Attack of 2007: Cupertino plans to add H.264 hardware support to its entire line.

Prior speculation iin this blog:
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WordPress Meltdown?

March 8, 2007

Was out on a mini tech fondle tour.

I noticed this blog’s template looked like crazed shit via IE and Safari. I can’t account for that except it had to be a WordPress problem.

Things look fine now…

David Bamford Does The Math On The Number 23 Movie

March 8, 2007

I have a gift for you all. [blog dead]

And its the most precious gift you can give. The gift of time

Im giving you almost two hours of your life to do something else.

Dont watch this film 23 with Jim Carey, cause it is shite. Im going to spoil it for you.

He will really really spoil the movie for you if you go there. After that, go read the Comments!

WordPress: The Horror!

March 8, 2007

This is the second day WordPress is winding me up. My god, the amount of retakes in the prior post was incredible. Save wouldn’t Save what I had edited! And bits went missing in the headline again. What’s up with this?!

R.I.P. John Inman

March 8, 2007

Comedy actor Inman dies aged 71

Actor John Inman, most famous for the comedy Are You Being Served?, has died in London aged 71, his spokesman said.

He was so funny! Here was a man (who I guess is now confirmed as being gay in his private life, according to the obit’s final paragraph) who portrayed an openly gay man in a comedy and we loved him. There was, at least in the many episodes I saw (I’ve never seen the entire series), never any mention of the character in fact being gay. It was taken for granted. And he acted openly gay. In one episode, he dressed in a sailor’s uniform to go welcome the fleet coming in! (Or should that be coming out?) Here in America we get screeching miltancy in our shitcoms, shoving a point of view down our throats (no pun intended) like a bad medicine. In England, they simply showed it and left it at that. And it worked!

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There Is A Righteous Rage

March 8, 2007

Caught on camera
The CCTV footage of a police officer laying into a slightly built young woman shook my senses to the core.

A reader’s comment:

Another drunk and disorderly goes looking for trouble and finds it. Forgive my heart for not bleeding and my conscience for not caring.

I agree!

Video: CCTV shows violent arrest (embedded Flash video)

–linkswipe via reddit

Were They High When They Wrote This Shit?

March 8, 2007

Illegal drugs can be harmless, report says

Illegal drugs can be “harmless” and should no longer be “demonised”, a wide-ranging two-year study concluded today.

The report said Britain’s drug laws were “not fit for purpose” and should be torn up in favour of a system which recognised that drinking and smoking could cause more harm.

I’d like to know how many of the people involved in this are past — or even current — users of illegal drugs.

I used to be for the legalization of pot, but not anymore. I live in an area filled with degenerate behavior. It turns out pot is the preferred relaxant. I never heard the fucking word blunt until I wound up here. That accounts for the disgusting behavior I encounter daily. Brains turned to shit, people who act like shit. Cigar sales boom here. Will the assholes who authored this report classify those cigar sales under smoking?

My rule of thumb: If it happens in England, it’ll happen here too.

iPhone: The Next Generation?!!?

March 8, 2007

Per the previous post, I went to the source at flickr and came across some interesting things:

This comment:

not surprising…my boss works for McCann Erickson (one of the ad agencies for apple) and has the second prototype of the iphone (the one we haven’t seen yet)


And then a second iPhone-in-the-wild picture here!

He Phone On His iPhone

March 8, 2007

iPhone in the Wild
Does anyone know if Jobs is due to visit NYC any time before June? I have balls enough to go up to him and ask for a Personal Demonstration. Really, I do!

Writer Max Barry Touring America

March 8, 2007

Well, just the fucking unimportant bits of it. It’s not like his damned book publisher saw any merit in his coming to the global fount of civilization, New York City! No, that’d be too obvious! After all, there are just most of the country’s major book publishers here! My God, and there are bookstores and people who actually read too! Some who, like me, have actually read Barry’s books!

You lucky bastards in the rightly-ignored parts of this country can see Barry at:

March/April 2007

Spot Max in the following locations to win a prize!*

* Los Angeles, CA
* Denver, CO
* Milwaukee, WI
* Madison, WI
* Chicago, IL
* Austin, TX
* Phoenix, AZ
* Danville, CA

If you’d like a signed copy but can’t make it to any of my readings, you can call the bookstore nearest you and ask them to have me sign a copy and put it aside. (They may even be able to post it to you.)

* Prize does not include actual prize.

Los Angeles, CA
Sunday March 25th, 2007
8818 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Denver, CO
Monday March 26th, 2007
Colfax Store
2526 East Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80206

Milwaukee, WI
Tuesday March 27th, 2007
219 N. Milwaukee Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Madison, WI
Wednesday March 28th, 2007
3416 University Avenue
(Or maybe that’s 3750 University Ave. Not sure yet.)
Madison, WI 53705

Chicago, IL
Thursday March 29th, 2007
1218 South Halsted
Chicago, IL 60607

Austin, TX
Friday March 30th, 2007
603 N. Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78703

Phoenix, AZ
Saturday March 31st, 2007
6428 S. McClintock Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85283
5:00pm: Fiction Workshop
(This is a free workshop where I get to pretend like I have something to teach aspiring novelists. The topic is The First Novel. You might have to book a place; it’d be a good idea to call the store first if you’re interested.)
7:00pm: Reading

Danville, CA
Monday April 2nd, 2007
409 Railroad Ave.
Danville, CA 94526

He’s going to be in Chicago at a place open at 7:30PM? Doesn’t that pretend city have a law that says everyone has to be at home and all businesses closed by 7PM? It damned well seemed that way the three traumatic times I had to suffer that disgusting place. (M. Dylan Raskin, I hate it too!)

To keep up with more details of the schedule, click here. He also has his very own website. Learn about his excellent books: Syrup, Jennifer Government (what a title!), and Company. And then go buy them and read them! Especially if you’re in one of those hellholes he’ll be coming to. God knows it’ll be the only taste of culture you’ll have in those places!