R.I.P. John Inman

Comedy actor Inman dies aged 71

Actor John Inman, most famous for the comedy Are You Being Served?, has died in London aged 71, his spokesman said.

He was so funny! Here was a man (who I guess is now confirmed as being gay in his private life, according to the obit’s final paragraph) who portrayed an openly gay man in a comedy and we loved him. There was, at least in the many episodes I saw (I’ve never seen the entire series), never any mention of the character in fact being gay. It was taken for granted. And he acted openly gay. In one episode, he dressed in a sailor’s uniform to go welcome the fleet coming in! (Or should that be coming out?) Here in America we get screeching miltancy in our shitcoms, shoving a point of view down our throats (no pun intended) like a bad medicine. In England, they simply showed it and left it at that. And it worked!

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