Were They High When They Wrote This Shit?

Illegal drugs can be harmless, report says

Illegal drugs can be “harmless” and should no longer be “demonised”, a wide-ranging two-year study concluded today.

The report said Britain’s drug laws were “not fit for purpose” and should be torn up in favour of a system which recognised that drinking and smoking could cause more harm.

I’d like to know how many of the people involved in this are past — or even current — users of illegal drugs.

I used to be for the legalization of pot, but not anymore. I live in an area filled with degenerate behavior. It turns out pot is the preferred relaxant. I never heard the fucking word blunt until I wound up here. That accounts for the disgusting behavior I encounter daily. Brains turned to shit, people who act like shit. Cigar sales boom here. Will the assholes who authored this report classify those cigar sales under smoking?

My rule of thumb: If it happens in England, it’ll happen here too.

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