Meth. Die You Bastards!


Dry mouth, one immediate side effect, is the result of depleted saliva glands, easily exacerbated by the acidic nature of the drug when smoked or snorted. Meth users often try medicating themselves with crazy, delicious liters of Mr. Pibb and Red Vines — but syrupy, sugary candies and sodas only contribute to the decay. Meth cavities usually start between two teeth, trapezing from cuspid to cuspid across the network of enamel. The desire to grind one’s molars together can easily result in multiple teeth snapping right out of your mouth and into the hot tub, or being left behind after a bite of your peanut butter sandwich. The meth mouth epidemic is widespread in prisons as well, where clean, sharp teeth are not always valued. Prisons are now obligated to devote a growing portion of their health-care budgets to emergency dental care, which costs taxpayers in every state a small fortune each year. Meth culture has emerged just in time to intersect with price reductions in false teeth and DaVinci Veneers.

The drug causes so much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth that the phrase meth mouth has entered the public discourse. The heated substance, when fully aspirated, swirls through the users’ teeth and gums, inevitably leading to sores which never heal. Tooth enamel wears away quickly as entire rows of teeth dissolve to the gumline. It collects in the nasal passages which drain in the back of the throat, effectively corroding your entire face.

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