Wii = The Sound Fun Makes

March 10, 2007


The two Is give it a Japanese spin — and trademark.

Hmmm…. I should trademark “The Sound Fun Makes”.

This post because someone came to this blog based on that search query.*

We aim to please (although most aiming done around here is to kill…)

*Update: The actual search query was “what does wii mean”. I tap-tapped this entry on the goddammed 770, which makes me want to do things fast. So I tend to not be clear.

This Has Been A Test

March 10, 2007

The past three posts were done at the Samsung Experience in New York City on a Samsung Q1 UMPC. (I don’t think it’s that model, but that’s the best current model.)

The text here has been handwritten using the built-in HWR engine.

My God! What a huge difference from using The Biggest Piece Of Shit Known To Man.

This has been so fast and so enjoyable! And the HWR really is damned good! I find I really don’t have to change my handwriting at all in order to get a good result!

I could use the bloody hell out of one of these!

Ah, The Future Is Bleak. As Usual!

March 10, 2007

Ghawar Is Dead!

Screaming “Ghawar is dead” and lighting a lantern in the daylight, confirms one ‘certifiable’ for most Americans. Peak oil is here now! Saying even this engenders looks of complete incomprehension among the masses! Peak oil means the death of the American dream embodied in those cold, dead, marvels of plasticity on Anna Nicole’s chest. Hell, it means the end of plastic surgery! It means the end of economic growth and everything that entails. Our collective fake-life can’t go on much longer after its real-life sources of nourishment dry up and become the ashes of history. It won’t be long now until we realize that our world has come unplugged from the ancient sunlight that provides its artificial neon glow.

–linkswipe via reddit

How Come When I Say This I’m A Crank And Bastard?

March 10, 2007

The Real Reason the US is in Decline

It’s all true too!

But Hippos Are So Cute!

March 10, 2007

Another crushing disappointment in my life!

Are hippos the most dangerous animal?

I’ve heard more than a few times at zoos and on nature programs that the hippopotamus is responsible for more deaths in the wild than lions, tigers or crocodiles. But no one ever mentions what they do to kill so many people. Lions and tigers attacking people make sense, being meat eaters, but what do hippos do? Could you expose the hidden side of this otherwise goofy looking animal?

We hear “fat and bald,” we think “affable, jolly and placid.” But notwithstanding Hyacinth, the hippo in Fantasia, Hippopotamus amphibius is as mean as a viper and a filthy pig besides.

Just kidding! I already knew this. I did too!

Update: Iin my zeal, I left out the link!

I Want To Marry Wednesday Addams. (As If She’d Have Me!)

March 10, 2007

When she’s all grown up. Let’s not get sick or illegal here, dammit!

Addams Family Values (1993) —


Morticia Addams: Children, why do you hate the baby?

Puggsley Addams: We just want to play with him.


Wednesday Addams: Especially his head.

See prior post for context.

You Fools. This Is No Act.

March 10, 2007

So there it is, the early 1980s. And this eejit I had to do business with one day comes out with this on the phone to me.

Eejit Suit: Mike, we want to change your image. We want to have a picture of you holding a baby.

Me: Can I hold it by its neck?

I swear to God, my reply was automatic and without hesitation.

And I meant it!