But Hippos Are So Cute!

Another crushing disappointment in my life!

Are hippos the most dangerous animal?

I’ve heard more than a few times at zoos and on nature programs that the hippopotamus is responsible for more deaths in the wild than lions, tigers or crocodiles. But no one ever mentions what they do to kill so many people. Lions and tigers attacking people make sense, being meat eaters, but what do hippos do? Could you expose the hidden side of this otherwise goofy looking animal?

We hear “fat and bald,” we think “affable, jolly and placid.” But notwithstanding Hyacinth, the hippo in Fantasia, Hippopotamus amphibius is as mean as a viper and a filthy pig besides.

Just kidding! I already knew this. I did too!

Update: Iin my zeal, I left out the link!

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