Thank God! I Am Saved From The Lighting Nazis!!

Eat this, you motherfuckers!

CFL light bulbs save electricity, but they also contain toxic mercury ‚ and Metro makes them a hassle to recycle

The drive to save energy in the wake of last year’s electricity price hike has created a ticking environmental time bomb – one that could send mercury to the region’s landfills and water supply.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs – the energy-efficient lights promoted by PGE as a way of fighting the power crunch – contain mercury, a poison that can devastate any environment where it accumulates. And while the bulbs can be recycled, there’s a serious hitch: Metro currently doesn’t offer curbside pick-up for the bulbs. That means people who aren’t willing to drive them to a recycling facility – and people who haven’t been warned about the bulbs – may end up putting them out with the trash.

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