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Interview: aXXo, The Most Popular DVD Ripper on BitTorrent

Most of the time it is impossible to track down the source of DVDrips, especially with people from “the scene“. But aXXo is not a member of the scene, and although was not very talkative either, he was at least willing to answer a few questions.

TorrentFreak: What motivates you to share these movies?

aXXo: Not everyone can afford $8.50, or whatever it cost’s these days, to see movies.

TorrentFreak: Don’t you think that ripping and uploading these (copyrighted) movies is wrong?

aXXo: The movie industry loses only 1% of its yearly profits, in a multi-BILLION dollar industry. I think the people who can’t afford movies deserve to be entertained just like more privileged people.

Oh god! All those “less privileged” people who can’t afford movies — after spending money on a PC and a monthly broadband connection!

And pigs are blue and have wings!

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