How About A Palm PDA With WiiOS? Or A NintenPalm? Palmtendo?

Why I Think Mario Would Be Super For Palm

What the heck happened? Nintendo realized that the process of gaming had not changed in years…it was stuck in a paradigm defined by the technical limitations of a decade ago, and simply added more power (processing, graphics). No one bothered to notice that today’s technology provided a visionary company with the means to completely re-visit the way that people could use these games, and make them simpler and more fun to use. Does that remind anyone of the traditional ‘Zen of Palm’?

So, what does all this have to do with Palm? Palm has lost its Zen.

He goes on to mention the Wii name. I don’t think many people understand “Wii” = “Whee”! They know that Nintendo is Japanese and figure the name is somehow Nihongo. It’s not. It’s just very, very clever!

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