I Thought So: Samsung Is Gonna Break My Heart!

Samsung Q2 secrets and rumors

2. Price. Way back in June 2006, a German news site announced that “the Model Q2 from Samsung” would be priced at under $1000. However, Corrupted Mind (another forum member at Origami Project) has been told that it will actually be tagged above the Q1P and on par with the Q1-SSD. In other words, much higher than anyone would like.

The Q1-SSD is not one of the three for sale in the US. It has to be imported via a specialty retailer such as Dynamism — and look at that price: US$2099.00!

Sorry, Samsung, but at that price, I say No! No! No!

I really want to see these things hit the US$700 mark. And not as a stripped-down, hardly-good-for-nothing version (that’d turn it basically into a Nokia 770!).

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