More On That Tiny Sony Video Walkman

Sony’s new PMP could be better than the Nano

Personally, this is the first time I’m actually tempted by a Sony audio player; the A800 is still relatively thin, has that gorgeous colour screen and is quite handsome in a solid-looking way.

Also, Japan’s AV Watch website has a full review with lots of pictures. In Japanese.

While I have your attention, I’d like to renounce the “iPod Nano Killer” headline in the prior post linked to below. The key to the iPod Nano is not simply its size, it’s the iTunes software and experience. Now, if Sony could develop an easy way for people to migrate their music and videos from iTunes to Sony’s software, as well as come up with a good music store, they could cut themselves a good slice of market share with this. It’s not impossible. Sandisk has been doing very well with their Sansa e200-series of players.

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