Ah, But Under Quantum Rules, The Observer Affects The Observed!

March 12, 2007

Physicists Modify Double-Slit Experiment to Confirm Einstein’s Belief

In this modified double-slit experiment, a laser beam hits a screen with two small pinholes. As a particle, light goes through one of the pinholes. Through a lens system, the light is then imaged onto two detectors, where a certain detector measures only the photons, which went through a particular pinhole. In this way, Afshar verified the particle nature of light. As a wave, light goes through both pinholes and forms a so-called interference pattern of bright and dark fringes.

“Afshar’s experiment consists of the clever idea of putting small absorbing wires at the exact position of the dark interference fringes, where you expect no light,” Knoesel said. “He then observed that the wires do not change the total light intensity, so there are really dark fringes at the position of the wires. That proves that light also behaves as a wave in the same experiment in which it behaves as a particle.”

Light is a strand. Bloody hell, I could have used a blog even just ten years ago when I was reading quantum physics. I had some tantalizing questions that would have made very interesting experiments!

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Read Kornbluth’s Story!

March 12, 2007

Ben Bova: The ‘Marching Morons’ show prescience of science fiction

We’re living among the Marching Morons. And it’s not getting any better.

I read it over fifteen years ago.

I think if I had read it in High School, I would have killed myself.


An Unhappy Wii Tale

March 12, 2007

Why I’m returning the Wii

I was excited about the Nintendo Wii. Standing in line before the store opened, I was confident that the Wii was going to change everything- It was the first console that I’d bought since my trusty NES almost 15 years ago… The first time I’d been excited about console games in nearly as long.

It was the first console I’d bought in 15 years, since my good old NES… And I’m going to be returning it this Saturday…

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Godspeed, Regis Philbin

March 12, 2007

Regis Philbin to Have Bypass Surgery

NEW YORK — Regis Philbin, co-host of “Live With Regis and Kelly,” announced on Monday’s show that he will have heart bypass surgery this week.

“Well, listen, I gotta tell you something. … I had been feeling chest pains, you know, and, uh, shortness of breath and all those little symptoms that you hear about,” Philbin, 75, told his TV audience. After a number of tests, doctors recommended bypass surgery.

Update: I see people are coming to this post via an AOL referral. I just did a new post about Regis.

Aha! Read This, You Lighting Nazi Bastards!

March 12, 2007

A Note To Employers: 8 Things Intelligent People, Geeks and Nerds Need To Work Happy

#3. Let them control their lighting
There is nothing more annoying than working in bright crappy fluorescent lighting if you prefer to work in the dark, or vice versa. Geeks usually have sensitive eyes from staring at CRT monitors for too long. The last thing you want is your geeks to have headaches. Most geeks aren’t very pleasant to work with when they have headaches.

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OK, This Freaks Me Out More Than Anything Else

March 12, 2007

These are links to two photorealistic CG renders of human faces.

Most Realistic CG Image Ever

Most Realistic CG Render Ever

I do not want to see the day when these are similarly lifelike in movement. Think of the brainwashing/interrogation angle.

(Yes, I know they have the same damned title! Just click! Click!)

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March 12, 2007

Days Calculator

I made a little calculator that calculates the number of days between two dates. Plugging in the numbers I found out that I’m 13,662 days old!

No. I won’t say. Suck it, stalkers.

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