OQO: Tough Shit

A Dangerous Post

Someone comments on my OQO Model 02 Fondle.

I left a reply. I will post that reply here too:

Too bad for OQO, then. THEY obviously gave that to RCS to let CUSTOMERS try. If the wobbly screen scares away potential customers, then it is OQO’s damned fault. I report what I see. I’m no one’s damned shill.


Let’s get this straight once again: This is not a tech blog. I’m not looking to suck up to anyone, least of all any fucking corporation, large or small.

Sometimes I will write about tech because it interests me. Sometimes I will write about tech because I am interested in having a new tool. Sometimes I will write about tech because what the fuck. It’s my damned blog and it reflects whatever I intersects with my interests or life.

What I won’t do is hide the truth that I see. What I won’t do is shill. What I won’t do is gratuitously slam something — and if you don’t believe that, go read how much of a chance I gave Nokia before nuking their goddammed 770.

And, finally, I clearly stated in my post:

Keep in mind this is not a review — it is a fondle. Come to NYC to RCS and try it for yourself, if you really really must know about it now.

Anyone who missed that key point is an eejit. And there’s no help for eejits. I should know.

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