Warren Ellis Puts His Fingers Into My Head And Plays With My Brain, Again!

I missed this when it was originally posted. (I missed a lot of stuff on the Net. Thank you, Nokia!)


When was the last time I wrote a character wearing shades? Was it Spider? Jones has his goggles, but he doesn’t wear them much.

I was watching this video Fraction sent me. It’s a collection of the last thirty seconds of teasers from a bunch of CSI MIAMI episodes — the bit before they smash-cut to the main title sequence. Now, you know how CSI works — the teaser sets up the crime, the protagonist cranks off a smart line, smash in the titles. Right?

This video — it’s on YouTube – is surreally compelling. David Caruso – the Carusobot, as we know him — hits every one of his last-line zingers with the same cadence. “What are you going to do, Carusobot?” “We-e-e…are going to find ourselves a bear rapist.” Crash in The Who, main titles.

Go see the YouTube video:

CSI Miami – Endless Caruso One Liners

Edited clips showing loads of the corny one-liners used by David Caruso just before the Who song starts on CSI Miami.

But don’t come crying to me afterwards. Email Amnesty International. Such torture is just inhumane!

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