What Did Thomas Jefferson Say?

Regarding Evil and American Identity, Part 1

We are in a unique position, here, now, in this America, in that we are in a moment where we confront whether or not we are going to agree to become evil. No, we’re not about to have a Kristallnacht or ethnic cleansing (yet). But our government is now trying to figure out just how evil it will be. The decisions to do evil are most often made by well-dressed people in small rooms, men and women who send out others below them to actually commit the evil acts. Most nations’ evil is done as part of a program, documented and prepared, xeroxed and signed off on. A contract of sorts that evil will be done.

Regarding Evil and American Identity, Part 2

The Bush White House uses that notion that it’s the stupidity, stupid, as a way of distracting from something that Americans, at some point, are going to have to admit: that they are being led by actively evil people, not just people whose actions do us all harm, but people who are engaged, consciously, in destructive behavior. It’s both the blithe evil of error and the concerted evil of deeds.

Thomas Jefferson said this.


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